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Ukrainian IP market in figures

In Ukraine there are 10 special laws in the field of intellectual property. Ukraine is a part of 22 multilateral international treaties in this area, which are ratified by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. Legal relations, associated with intellectual property protection are regulated by nearly a hundred normative legal acts. Separate intellectual property laws can be found in another 26 laws of Ukraine.

Statistically as of 01/08/2015 (from 1992) in Ukraine were issued 447 100 security documents, including:

- 114 121 invention patents;

- 100 605 utility models patents;

- 29 983 industrial design patents;

- 202 332 certificates of marks for goods and services;

- 13 certificates for IMC topographies;

- 20 registrations of qualified indication of products origin;

- 26 certificates for the right to use the registered qualified indication of origin.

Ukraine took first place in the World Intellectual Property Organization’s ranking “Top industrial design offices with the fastest rates of growth”; fifth place in the world’s ranking of countries with the largest number of applications for registration of utility models and 3rd place in the ranking of countries with medium to low-income by the number of patent applications filed.

At the same time, less than 10% of all the intellectual property rights are being protected in Ukraine per year.

16 collective management organizations are operating on the domestic IP market, including the Ukrainian Agency of Copyright and Related Rights. They collect less than 70 million royalties annually.

As of 2009, the volume of intellectual property market was 2.85% of country’s GDP. The biggest development was the work of a music segment, the capacity of which is only 1-3% of the national IP rights protection potential.

According to a Property Rights Alliance’s report “2013 International Property Rights Index”, Ukraine ranked 113 among 131 states. Besides, the overall protection of property rights index fell by 2.2% in the period 2009-2013.