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Public Organization “Informative Communicative Intellectual Property Management” was founded in order to form an environment and conditions for the development of the intellectual property market in Ukraine.

In today's information world, an intellectual product that generates a significant amount of added value is a major driver of the economy. It is obvious, that Ukraine has issues of making an IP object a fulfilled product with all its features. We believe the reason for such a situation is a low level of community awareness of the essence of what intellectual property is; what kind of intellectual property might be potentially commercialized; a lack of effective mechanisms of IP rights protection and their assessment, conversion and monetization.

Ukraine, as one of the largest consumer markets in Europe needs to form a transparent and effective system of relations for consideration, compliance and circulation of intellectual property rights between all links of the domestic market.

The mission of our organization is to provide authors and copyright holders with the complete and accurate information about the risks relating to their intellectual assets and to organize effective measures to protect their intellectual property rights.

Taking into account the current state of Ukrainian intellectual property market, the goals of the PO ICIPM are:

      1.An identification of intellectual assets

According to a research, in Ukraine less than 50% of copyright holders understand the value of their intellectual property assets. That is why the priority of our organization is to promote awareness among the market participants, so they determine the results of their creative work as intellectual assets. In this context, we intend to facilitate the review the market practice of typing the IP objects and to increase the number of intellectual property types that are used in the market. Also, we plan to formulate the typical characteristics of the IP objects in order to provide the proper conditions for identifying intellectual assets.

PO ICIPM considers it necessary to create a system of intellectual assets identification, which would become the basic storage of digital templates and to arrange a registration of identified intellectual assets in governmental and international registration offices with issuing documents of protection. As a result, we expect the increase of the identified intellectual property types with appropriate protection.

       2.  A commercialization of intellectual assets

In order to build relationships between the subjects of IP rights conversion and monetization processes, the appropriate conditions need to be created, such as methodology, infrastructure and practices.

PO ICIPM intends to do a research on the formation of the economic value of intellectual assets and to determine its customer value to society. In addition, the organization is going to initiate a System of electronic auction of intellectual assets. As a result the volume of economic relations with intellectual assets as well as their transaction share in country’s GDP will increase.

        3.  A creation of a transparent and effective system of intellectual assets protection

Our Organization will put effort in order to create conditions to reduce risks of  losing an economic value of intellectual assets. We are looking for new solutions that can be used to create effective mechanisms to protect IP rights. The Organization has been working on coordinating the creation of IP protection programs for various industries. One of the conditions of solving the problem is to improve legislation in order to provide effective guarantees of IP rights compliance. To achieve this goal the Organization plans to create a System of automated rights control of IP objects.

PO ICIPM Management Team:

Mykhaylo Kunytskyy - President, PhD, Docent

Mykola Kubyshkin - Chairman

Olena Obukhova - First Deputy Chairman, honoured economist of Ukraine, PhD