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President’s Message

Dear Colleagues!

For decades, Ukraine has been a country with one of the highest intellectual potential in the world. The developed industrial infrastructure, a large proportion of the population with higher education and more than 40 million customers form a unique economy in central Europe. On the one hand, the economy can create, and partly creates a product with high added value, based on the results of intellectual work. On the other hand, the level of Ukrainian intellectual property market development is far behind the rest of the world.

We believe that in order to solve the issues with IP market formation, an effective monitoring mechanism for the IP use needs to be created. In many cases, the Internet is the main instrument of the illegal circulation of IP objects. Therefore, we have to start creating technological solutions that could provide control over the spread of intellectual property or information about them in the global network.

Understanding the problems and ways to solve them motivate us, a group of associates, to create a Public Organization “Informative Communicative Intellectual Property Management”.

I am deeply convinced, that an active position of experts along with joint efforts of government agencies, non-profit organisations and businesses, which are interested in the existence of the Ukrainian intellectual property market, will result in the acquisition of commercial attractiveness of protected products from intellectual work and the IP market capitalisation will increase. Therefore, we welcome the dialogue of all those interested in solving the problems of the new Ukrainian market of intellectual property.

Mykhaylo Kunytskyy,

President of PO “ICIPM”

PhD, Docent